The structure is made up of structural elements made of oven-lacquered galvanized steel and sandwich-type panels. The goals are implemented in the structure itself and the enclosure is completed with a perimeter network and an upper one that prevents the ball from leaving the court.
The hardware used is A2 stainless steel.
The playing surface is artificial grass specially designed for the practice of this sport and has FIFA approval.
Although the official measurements for the SOCCER 5 tracks are MINIMUM = 25 x 15 meters and MAXIMUM = 42x25 meters, we manufacture the tracks with the measurements that the client requires.



60 mm sandwich panels. thick and 1.15 m. high formed with white lacquered corrugated galvanized steel sheet, reinforced, both above and below by "U", formed of 2 mm galvanized steel sheet. oven painted.
Profile pillars 100x50x2 galvanized for fastening intermediate panels and 100 x 100 x 2 galvanized for fastening corner panels reinforced by
2 "U" enclosure bracket made of 2mm galvanized steel sheet. to receive the sandwich panel, and welded to the 20x20x1 cm anchor plate. with 4 holes for
screw to the ground.
3m goals. wide by 2 m. high formed by profile 100 x 100 x 2 mm. and 50 mm diameter curved profile. for network anchorage.


Baked lacquering of the structure with EPOXI paint.


Protection nets in 13 m depths. long and 3 m. Tall.
Optional protection net for the entire upper surface (roof) and two sides
up to 3 m. Tall.


Lawn in green color model MB12 monofilament 40 mm. high with a Dtex of 12,000 and a total of 86,000 pp / m2 woven on a polyurethane base, including a proportional part of ballasting using silica sand with a grain size of 0.2-0.4 mm. and rubber padding. Even proportional part of marking lines. FIFA approval.


Optional LED200w, IP66 projectors wired up to the foot of the lamppost and protection fuses.